Wellness Program

For 2019-20, the wellness program, in partnership with beBetter Health, will once again offer an array of programs, challenges, and activities to help you along your health and wellness journey.

All employees on the WDMCS health plan are eligible to earn up to $275 in cash incentives. Similar to prior years, you’ll receive a reward for completing the requirements of the WDMCS Wellness Program.  Cash incentives will be issued and taxed in your June 19, 2020 paycheck. You must complete both the Health Screening and Health Survey to be eligible for the cash reward. Onsite screenings will take place in February 2020. We are going to have a financial wellness seminar in December and the Health Survey will be available all year round.

You can also get points for walking with your building in the Homecoming Parade. Talk to your building representative to coordinate.

The first challenge, Healthy Strides, will begin on October 1st.  Log in today to your wellness portal at www.bebetterhealth.net to register for the Financial Fitness Challenge.  This year we are working toward not just physical health but each person’s overall health (mental, financial, and physical).

Log in to your wellness portal for more information on the 2019-2020 program, and start earning points today!

For assistance with logging in, call (866) 748-0957 or email supportbbh@ebix.com.


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2019-20 Physician Wellness Form

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