Demo Teacher Program FAQ

Q: How do I know which demonstration teacher to visit?
A: Check the home page of this website for a brief overview of each demo teacher’s highlights of their classrooms.

Q: How do I sign up to visit a demonstration teacher?
A: Contact the teacher(s) directly via email/in person and set up a date that works for you both. Once that is established, please fill out the Demonstration Teacher Request form, which will notify Jenni Jones, Demonstration Teacher Coordinator, of your planned visit.

Q: What else do I need to do?
A: Use the absence reason “demo teacher visit” in Aesop (the accounting code will be taken care of behind the scenes) and also enter your absence into Applitrack. If you’d like to prearrange your sub, please contact him/her to arrange that and then put his/her name in the “notes” section of Aesops. Jenni Jones will then finalize your prearranged sub in Aesops.

Q: Can I visit a teacher that is not a demonstration teacher?
A: While we have a wide variety of subject areas, grade levels, and areas of expertise covered by our current demo teachers, we know that not every need can be met. In order to arrange a visit with a non-demonstration teacher, please contact the demo teacher coordinator explicitly explaining why you’d like to visit a non-demonstration teacher.

Schedule a Demo Teacher Visit