AHeinz Pet Rescue – rolling newspapers for rescued pets

URGENT NEED - AHeinz57 Pet Rescue 

(Rolling newspapers for rescued pets - papers provided!)

This is perhaps one of the easiest volunteer jobs ever! Rolls of potty-training newspapers are needed for puppies in foster care. Newspapers need to be picked up and then the rolls are dropped back off.  This can be done anytime. Instructions and the address will be emailed to you after you contact Teri Nizzi.  All you do is roll the papers up! There is a short video available to teach you exactly what to do.

Dates: Ongoing

Location: At home

How to sign up: Contact Teri Nizzi at teri.nizzi@aheinz57.com or (515) 971-1919.

Teri Nizzi-Helt
(515) 971-1919