DMARC - Meals from the Market at Downtown Farmers' Market

DMARC - Meals from the Market at Downtown Farmer's Market

Produce Collection: Volunteers will be stationed along 3 zones. Zones are sectioned areas throughout the market to make it easy for volunteers and staff to connect with vendors and transport donated items. 

Collecting donated produce in carts, helping a DMARC staff person load donations into a truck,  and if able helping to unload donations at the DMARC warehouse (1435 Mulberry Street in downtown Des Moines) 

Helping to put materials/supplies back in the totes and break down tables and stools at the MFTM  booth 

All volunteers please arrive a few minutes before your shift and meet at the Meals from the Market bright yellow tent, located near the corner of 3rd and Court. Look for DMARC Staff members for further instructions. (Detailed information and map of the market will be provided in an email after signing up)

Support/Training: You will be provided with instructions and ongoing guidance from a DMARC warehouse staff person and Team Captain for the duration of your shift.

Safety Tips & Protocols:
The Downtown Farmers’ Market will follow social distancing guidelines in accordance  with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.

Dates: 08/014/2021-10/30/2021 

Time: 11 AM-1 PM 

Location: Court & 3rd Street, Downtown Des Moines Court Ave & 3rd St, Des Moines, IA 50309 

How to sign up:

Nisha Kishor