Where can I search for scholarships and financial aid resources?

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There are many ways to search for scholarships, and remember, there is never a reason to pay money for a scholarship search service! The most respected scholarship searches and lists are available free of charge. Your college's financial aid website, employers (both the student's and parent's), places of worship, local organizations (ex: rotary clubs, women's organizations) and volunteer organizations are also sources of scholarships. 

Scholarship search engines allow you to search for a wide variety of scholarships and give you the ability to look for scholarships through filtered searches. You may search for scholarships by categories and characteristics such as school, location, GPA, talents and interests, ethnicity or military affiliation. 

A word of caution. While it's widely considered a good move to sign up for a scholarship search, every time you register with a search engine you risk your personal details being shared with marketers. You can expect to receive many emails that may not fit. You may see advice to sign up for multiple search engines, but much of the information received from those sites will overlap. Signing up for only one of the respected sites will reduce the influx of information. Another suggestion would be to create an email account dedicated only to your search so your personal email doesn't get clogged with scholarship emails.