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Valley Earns Top Ratings at All-State Large Group Speech Contest (03/30/2021)

WDMCS' IHSSA Large Group All-State students on stage together in matching orange shirts.

March 30, 2021 | Students from Valley High School earned 9 Division 1 ratings for entries to the Iowa High School Speech Association (IHSSA) large group all-state competition in February. 

"We are beyond proud of our students who have been awarded the highest distinction across the state," Valley Drama and Speech Director Stacy Hansen said in an email. "Too, we applaud their coaches who have guided them on this incredible journey. We remain vigilant in who we are as a drama family: passionate, kind, determined, courageous, unified."

Congratulations to the following Division I-rated entries and the entire WDMCS IHSSA family!


“A Boy and His Elephant”
Directed by Stacy Hansen. Performers: Lanie Anthan, Janse Barkley, Connor Barnes, Kaitlyn Forney, Savannah Fredregill, Avi Kaufman, Gabe King, Ava Neppl, Ellie Penick, Drew Peterson, Jack Renda, Jackson Skahill, Luke Weeklund, Mia Wells.


“Thistle Blossoms”
Directed by Allison Koontz. Performers: Abby Bishop and Ella Bishop.


“Survival: Lanse Flight 508 Goes Down”
Directed by Derek Claussen. Performers: Gavin Beedon, Will Johnson, Gabe Pruneda, Avery Redford, Caroline Reynolds, Delaney Turner.


“Catch Me If You Can”
Directed by Megan Helmers, Bryan Gamboa, Tommy Stern. Performers: Kaitlyn Forney, Savannah Fredregill, Zoe Givant, Hunter Khongmaly, Gabe King, Drew Peterson, Jack Renda, Eliza Sheffield.


“Crime Addict”
Directed by Glen Biermann. Performers: Brynlea DeGroote, Cyd Denton, Nick Edgar, Lillian Tui.


Directed by Stacy Hansen. Stage Manager: Ellie Wellman. Cast: Gavin Beedon, Abby Bishop, Kellen Casper, Ben Connolly, Allison Cook, Bailee Dawson, Cate Dolphin, Andrew Dunahoo, Brooklyn Johnson, Max Johnson, Celia Kuster, Joe Maxwell, Lanie Moore, Grace Olsen, Gabe Schebel.


“Quarter Horse Dreaming”
Directed by Ted Van Deventer. Performer: Dillon Forney.

“The Story of Three Hearts”
Directed by Ted Van Deventer. Performer: Gabe Pruneda.


“American Standoff: The Story of Waco”
Directed by Glen Biermann and Justin Smith. Performers: Ashley Czipar, Brynlea DeGroote, Nick Edgar, Will Fisher, Lauren Lake, Kaylyn Le, Katie Nguyen, Oliver Parizek, Azure Peterson, Annie Thiel.