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District Staff Focuses On Culturally Responsive Teaching (11/11/17)

Nov. 11, 2017 | Administrators and staff from every building continued the district’s staff equity training on Nov. 9-10. Deep Equity’s Benjie Howard and Victoria Romero facilitated the training.

Staff reflected on their personal cultural identities, explored cultural competence, and evaluated and planned how to apply culturally responsive teaching in their schools. Staff also learned about the Youth Equity Stewardship (YES!) process WDMCS students are participating in. Learn more about YES! in the WDMCS.

One of the last things staff discussed before beginning planning was a section of the Deep Equity Process participant workbook about stereotype threat research. It said:

The more culturally competent we are as educators, the less our students have to play “give it up” in our schools.

The less pressure they feel not to be who they are, the more energy they have available to engage and learn.

District staff will continue their training on Jan. 30 and March 29, 2018. To learn more, contact:

  • Superintendent Lisa Remy, Ed.D., 515-633-5000;
  • Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Services Michelle Lettington, 515-633-5057; or
  • Associate Superintendent of Human Resources Carol Seid, Ed.D., 515-633-5037.