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WDMCS Response to Racially Motivated Hit and Run (12/20/19)

WDMCS Families,

The Clive Police Department shared in a press conference Friday, Dec. 20, that the driver who committed a hit and run Dec. 9 against an Indian Hills Junior High student was arrested and is being charged with attempted murder. Investigators determined that the incident was intentional and racially motivated. 

We wish to thank the Clive Police Department for their diligent investigation of the incident. We also uphold the message in Police Chief Venema’s statement that “there is no place in our community (or any other) for this kind of hatred and violence.” Our district is comprised of diverse cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and genders. This rich diversity fosters mutual respect and positive dialogue. 

An unexpected incident like this can generate feelings of hurt, fear, or anger. While all of those emotions are natural, we are encouraging everyone to unify as a district and community by having conversations about what unites us and to reflect on how we can counteract this random display of hatred.

We are grateful that the student’s injuries were not life-threatening and that she was able to return to school a week later. As she continues to physically improve, we understand the emotional impact of this incident will remain long after her body heals.  We are also aware of the emotional impact on our WDMCS community.

Over winter break, we encourage you to take time and enjoy family and friends. Our hope is for healing to begin for the families impacted and for our entire community.

Lisa Remy, Ed.D.
West Des Moines Community Schools