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Crestview Students Become 'Change Agents' Behind City of Clive's Linnan Park Revitalization (04/12/21)

April 12, 2021 | Throughout this school year, sixth-grade learners at Crestview School of Inquiry have teamed up with the City of Clive in revitalizing Linnan Park.

The collaboration comes as part of the city's 86th Street Neighborhood Plan, a master guide that helps lead community conversations through Clive's policies, regulations, and capital investments.

"Very specifically in this situation, we want them to be change agents for their neighborhood," said Pete De Kock, City of Clive Assistant City Manager, of the partnership with Crestview students. "We want them to have a real, intentional look at what their park could be, what their school could be."

Crestview is part of the Project-Based Learning Network at West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS), which embraces:

  • An engaging and rigorous instruction based on project- and problem-based learning.
  • A focus on collaborative culture promoting trust, respect, and responsibility.
  • Technology that enhances learning.

Crestview’s three sixth-grade classes toured the park, developed notes, worked virtually with city staff, and sent a schoolwide survey to gather feedback from students and families.  

"It's kind of cool because we're shaping our ideas off of what actual people in the community want," Crestview sixth-grader Paizley J. said.

Students will soon pitch their discoveries and recommendations for the park to city officials. For many students, this project is like something they’ve never before experienced.

"This really becomes the reason and motivation for the learning that happens. It's not just about those academic standards. It's really about those essential life skills to help us work with one another," said Sara Costello, Crestview's instructional coach. "When you think about jobs in our community, it's about people working together, people giving and taking, and problem-solving together with other people. We really try to embed those skills in the projects we do. 

"Students really get to have an opportunity to have a say and to have a say and to make a difference, and to really look for problems in their community and try to address them."

Learn more about this project by watching the video below, which has been made available in English, Spanish, and Hakha Chin.

Crestview School of Inquiry: Students Revitalize Linnan Park

Crestview School of Inquiry: Estudiantes revitalizan Linnan Park

Crestview: Siangngakchia le Clive tuanvo ngeitu bawm in Linnan Park cu thachin in an serchuah