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Thank You, WDMCS School Board! (05/03/2023)

May 3, 2023 | The West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) thanks our Board of Education as we enter School Board Recognition Month! 

In partnership with the Iowa Association of School Boards, we are recognizing our Board members for “developing Iowa’s future together” this year. All Iowa citizens should recognize the vital contributions of these elected officials and focus attention on the crucial role they play in the education of our children. Thank you, Board members, for your leadership! 

Our School Board members come from all walks of life and receive no compensation for representing the families and citizens of our community. The seven members are elected at-large by residents of our district community, and at least two senior students will serve on the Board as non-voting members starting this year

Please join us in thanking Board President Jeff Hicks; Board Vice President Lila P. Montoya Starr; Board members Liz Cox, Lonnie Dafney, Fannette Elliott, Jill Caton Johnson, Ph.D., and Anadelia Morgan; and student Board representatives Michael Danos, Lila Khan, and Ria Tomar for their commitment to our students and community.

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