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Stilwell to Hold School Friday, May 13 (0512/22)

May 12, 2022 | Stilwell Junior High families and staff received communications on May 10 and 11 regarding air conditioning issues in the building and outlined the steps taken to lower the temperature. We made the decision to not hold school on Thursday, May 12, to give the building an additional 24 hours to reach a comfortable temperature. 

At this point, we believe it is safe for students and staff to hold school on Friday, May 13. 

Here’s Why

  • The temporary chiller (air conditioner) we installed on Wednesday continues to bring down temperatures throughout the school. The temperatures today are lower than they were on Tuesday and Wednesday, and we believe they will continue to decline.
  • We still have over 14 hours before school starts, giving the chiller time to continue cooling classroom spaces.
  • The forecast for Friday is much cooler than the 90s we saw earlier this week and today. Temperatures should be in the 70s for the majority of the time students are at school.
  • A few rooms are taking longer to cool, so students who have classes in those areas will receive instruction in other parts of the building. They will be informed tomorrow where to go.


  • Students should dress in cool, comfortable shorts and T-shirts, if possible.
  • Students should bring a clear water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • The building is still very humid as we continue to bring down temperatures. Parents/guardians should be mindful of this if their student is affected by higher humidity conditions. 

With the weekend upon us, we are hopeful the additional two days to cool the building and lower the humidity will bring our building back to more normal May conditions. If anything changes between now and early tomorrow morning, that would impact school, families and staff will be notified through our standard phone, email, text, and app notifications.