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Staff Recognition 2022: Celebrating WDMCS Staff (5/5/2022)

May 5, 2022 | West Des Moines Community Schools staff and community members honored employees with 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service and those retiring from the district at the Staff Recognition Reception on Thursday, May 4. Guest speaker Steve Duncan, former Valley High School athletic director, recognized district staff for their ongoing passion for students in his remarks. Special thanks go out to the community-based Staff Recognition Committee for planning the event, the first in-person Staff Recognition Reception since 2019, and all of the event sponsors.

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This year’s retirees were also recognized at the district’s annual retiree luncheon. Chief Officer of Human Resources Josie Lewis and Superintendent Dr. Lisa Remy shared memories and well-wishes for each retiree and presented them with a plaque in recognition of their service. Personally selected books that will be donated to WDMCS school libraries were also presented for each retiree. 

Photos: Staff Recognition Reception and Retiree Luncheon 2022

2022 Staff Recognition: Years of Service and Retirees

35 Years

  • Sally Harris, Valley High School
  • Mary Kimpston, Westridge Elementary

30 Years

  • Teresa Fritz, Crestview School Of Inquiry
  • Stephany Henderson, Western Hills Elementary
  • Sheila Hirsch, Hillside Elementary
  • Lynda Niffenegger, Crossroads Park Elementary
  • Sue Samuelson, Fairmeadows Elementary
  • Joseph Orcutt, Valley High School

25 Years

  • Curtis Barr, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Susan Bishop, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Keith Borness, Stilwell Junior High
  • Lisa Clark, Clive Learning Academy
  • Scott Crothers, Learning Resource Center
  • Jennifer Geis, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Randy Hutchison, Western Hills Elementary
  • Terrence Jenkins-Loeb, Valley High School
  • Tobin Johnsen, Valley High School
  • Linda Rippentrop, Learning Resource Center
  • Charlene Rosen, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Roxianne Scott, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Matthew Vaske, Valley Southwoods 9th Grade
  • Shelly Westrum, Valley High School
  • Beth Ann Yokiel, Fairmeadows Elementary
  • Heidi Zimmer, Clive Learning Academy

20 Years of Service

  • Heather Annis, Westridge Elementary
  • Kristin Beckman, Fairmeadows Elementary
  • Ami Binns, Hillside Elementary
  • Kim Davis, Walnut Creek Campus
  • Jamie Ehlert, Valley High School
  • Katherine Geerlings, Valley Southwoods
  • Timothy Grimm, Valley High School
  • Wesley Hall, Walnut Creek Campus
  • Karla Halstead-Johnson, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Debra Herring, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Katherine Hoover, Hillside Elementary
  • Melissa Kelly, Valley High School
  • Sarah Knoke, Valley High School
  • Chris Larson, Valley Southwoods
  • Cheryl Lindemoen, Stilwell Junior High
  • James Martin, Valley High School
  • Stephanie Mcnamara, Hillside Elementary
  • Matthew Meyer, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Kathleen Olson, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Terri Pond, Valley High School
  • Jillian Robbins, Westridge Elementary
  • Denise Ruggieri, Clive Learning Academy
  • Meggie Tucker, Crestview School Of Inquiry
  • Spencer Vanhaaften, Operations
  • Carrie Vanweelden, Transportation

15 Years of Service

  • Sandra Abbott, Walnut Creek Campus
  • Lindsey Aikin, Valley High School
  • Kristi Bentz, Learning Resource Center
  • Amy Biondi, Crestview School Of Inquiry
  • Denise Blobaum, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Hannah Boese, Learning Resource Center
  • Marco Cabrera, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Bonnie Campbell, Valley High School
  • Lorie Carter, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Lynn Cerjak, Western Hills Elementary
  • Maria Colunga De Diaz, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Sonya Coy, Clive Learning Academy
  • Kindra Davis, Stilwell Junior High
  • Christine Ellis, Transportation
  • Annette Haffar, Hillside Elementary
  • Melissa Harlan, Crestview School of Inquiry
  • Abby Henricks, Westridge Elementary
  • Angela Hopson, Westridge Elementary
  • Kelsey Hudson, Valley High School
  • Shahna Janssen, Learning Resource Center
  • Erica Jaramillo, Crestview School of Inquiry
  • Courtney Johnson, Crestview School of Inquiry
  • Tonia Kautz, Fairmeadows Elementary
  • Kelli King, Valley High School
  • Carol Kramer, Home School
  • Charlotte Little, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Casey Llewellyn, Fairmeadows Elementary
  • Tiffany Malcom, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Heidi Marean, Clive Learning Academy
  • David Mcginnis, Valley High School
  • Austin Menard, Crestview School of Inquiry
  • Britni Morgan, Hillside Elementary
  • Kama Neuman, Hillside Elementary
  • Megan Norris, Crossroads Park Elementary
  • Jessica Novelli, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Michele Nubel, Jordan Creek Elementary
  • Laura Pals, Western Hills Elementary
  • Kevin Pearce, Stilwell Junior High
  • Elizabeth Riche, Westridge Elementary
  • Matthew Ross, Indian Hills Junior High
  • Sarah Sadler, Crossroads Park Elementary
  • Teresa Shaffer, Western Hills Elementary
  • Josef Sigrist, Valley Southwoods
  • Jodi Smith, Fairmeadows Elementary
  • Bea Songer, Learning Resource Center
  • Leah Taylor, Clive Learning Academy
  • Kelly Traviss, Western Hills Elementary
  • Brooke Vonstein, Crestview School Of Inquiry
  • Kimberly Windergerst, Valley High School
  • Rozlyn Wirtz, Western Hills Elementary
  • Genevieve Wolfe, Valley High School
  • Mark Wood, Community Education
  • Lacia Wymer, Crossroads Park Elementary
  • Misty Zahrt, Learning Resource Center
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