Admission Process

A Referral

Students are most often referred by their home high school. In some instances parents/guardians refer students, or students refer themselves. Students should work with the counseling and administrative staff of their home school in order to be referred.

An Interview

Students and parents must complete an intake interview. Walnut Creek Campus staff ask questions to determine why a student wants to attend WCC and to discover what the student’s needs are. The WCC system and expectations are also explained to the students and parents/guardians during the interview.

A Contract

At the end of the interview, parents/guardians and students must sign a contract agreeing to meet the WCC expectations and to take advantage of the program. Students must also write a commitment statement indicating what they will do to be successful at WCC.

An Orientation

Before beginning classes at WCC, students must successfully complete an orientation in which they:

  • Meet the staff and other students
  • Become familiar with the school
  • Complete a schedule request
  • Complete a career interest inventory

The orientation allows students to better understand the WCC system in order to be successful.