About Us

Walnut Creek Campus is unique because…

  • We Are Personalized. Caring staff focus on community building with students. A small student-teacher ratio enhances learning.
  • We Are Student Centered. We emphasize growth in personal, social, career and academic areas. Students and staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of each student.
  • We Are Flexible. We offer day and evening sessions. Classes are completed at a student’s individual pace.
  • We are Success Oriented. To receive a credit, a student must earn a C or above on all class work.
  • We are Activity-Based. Classes use varied teaching styles to involve students. Teachers and students work together to adapt lessons according to individual learning styles.Some courses are offered in a project based learning format.
  • We Are Supportive. Caseworkers, a school nurse, a guidance counselor, a student services coordinator, and the Heartland Area Education Agency team all assist to help students become successful.

What What We Believe…

All students can learn. Despite challenges, all students can be successful. Rigor, relevance and relationships drive all our decisions.

The staff at Walnut Creek Campus believes several things distinguish a great school from a good school. Great schools are driven by dedicated, energetic staff members. Great schools believe in themselves and believe that remaining excellent takes hard work and commitment.

WCC is a great school. We have dedicated staff focused on the goal of serving students, and we are always striving to be more successful.

WCC continues to “recreate” itself not because of national education trends, but in response to the needs of WCC students. The staff has a continued commitment to the overall needs of the student population and makes adjustments from one year to the next. WCC will continue to change, as all great schools must, for the betterment of our students and community.