Chromebook Information

Each student at Valley High School is issued a Chromebook for their use throughout the year.


District guidelines for Chromebook use can be found in the Student Handbook on pages D7 and D8.  Additionally, some Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the district Chromebook FAQ page. This information covers most topics regarding general use and expectations.  However, there are some items/processes that are specific to Valley High School, and this page addresses some of those questions.

  1. Where do I go if something is broken on my Chromebook?
    Bring it to the media center. You will be issued a “loaner” device while yours is in for repair. Per the handbook, do not attempt repairs on your own!
  2. What if I lose my charger?
    Stop in Student Services, where you can pay for a new charger. New chargers are $23.
  3. What if I lose my Chromebook?
    Stop in the media center.  When you tell us that it’s lost, a few things will happen:

    1. Your lost Chromebook will be locked so that no one else can use the device. It will be inoperable, with a message stating that it must be returned to the Valley Media Center.
    2. A charge of $160 will be placed on your account. This can be paid in Student Services, or online.
    3. We will issue you a new device.
  4. Do you provide any “loaner” devices if I forget mine at home?
    Valley students can check out up to 3 loaners per semester from the Media Center. However, be aware that on your third checkout of a loaner, a VHS administrator will contact your parents.
  5. Can I remove the protective case?
    Sorry, no.  The clear plastic case helps protect against damage, so you must leave it attached. Teachers can and will refer you to the office if you consistently violate this policy.