Scholarships & Financial Aid

Link to Valley’s Scholarship List

Where can I search for scholarships and financial aid resources?

There are many ways to search for scholarships, and remember, there is no reason to pay money for a scholarship search service! The most respected scholarship searches and lists are available free of charge. Try these reputable sites:

BigFuture by The College Board




Scholar Snapp

The Simple Dollar Ultimate Guide to College Scholarships

Going Merry Scholarship Matchmakers

Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) Financial Aid Resource List

Tuition Funding Sources Scholarships

Should I check the school I’ll be attending for scholarships?

Yes! Many scholarships, large and small, are available to students, especially incoming freshmen, through the schools to which you’re applying. We strongly recommend you visit the financial aid pages at the schools you’re interested in attending to get a better idea of the awards you would be eligible to receive. You will be automatically considered for some scholarships just by applying to the school, while others will require additional information in order to apply. Not only are general scholarships available, many are also offered for the various colleges and majors within the university system. The links below will direct you to the scholarship pages of Iowa’s Regent Universities.

University of Iowa Scholarships

Iowa State University Scholarships 

University of Northern Iowa Scholarships

How do I know if a scholarship (or scholarship website) is legitimate?

Visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information page that gives helpful information on Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams.

Read this helpful article with tips for identifying scholarship scams on

Financial Aid opportunities for Minority Students – Introduces the idea of micro scholarships from schools who participate from this program. Several Iowa colleges and universities, including the University of Iowa, Drake University, and Buena Vista University, participate in this program, Watch this video to learn more.

Do I send a thank you note if I receive a scholarship?

Yes! If you are the fortunate recipient of a scholarship, it is highly appropriate to respond with a letter thanking the person or organization granting the award. This is a link to SAMPLE thank you letters found on the University of Iowa College of Business scholarship page. Make your letter your own, and genuine.