No one pattern of preparation will invariably meet admission requirements at all colleges. A four-year comprehensive and balanced program in the major academic subjects is strongly advised and will meet most college requirements and/or recommendations. Students need to refer to computer programs and college catalogs in the Counseling Office for information on specific colleges. Below are the links to the admission requirements for the State of Iowa public universities.

University of Iowa

Iowa State University

University of Northern Iowa

What is an “RAI score“?

Students from Iowa high schools must have a Regents Admission Index, or RAI, score of at least 245, and take the minimum number of required high school courses to qualify for automatic admission to ISU, UNI, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the U of I. The index combines factors that strongly predict success at Iowa’s Regent universities. In prior years, due to the absence of class rank, Valley students were unable to calculate an RAI score. An Alternative RAI Formula is now being offered for students whose high school does not provide class rank, such as Valley. Follow this link to calculate your student’s RAI Score: Regent Admission Index Calculator for high schools who do NOT provide rank

Better Make Room Tools

Better Make Room is a movement to help students create a better education, career, future and life! On the website you’ll find helpful tools developed by the U.S. Department of Education to help students and their families choose a college that’s the best fit for them.