The Valley Counseling Department has six full-time guidance counselors. The students are assigned to a counselor based on the first letters of the student’s last name. The information to the right indicates how the students are assigned.

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Want to be a Valley Ambassador?

Applications are now being accepted for the 2019-2020 Valley Ambassadors. Ambassadors make connections with students brand new to a large and diverse high school, giving them friendly faces to look forward to in crowded hallways and making their days at school a little easier. In addition to acting as New Student Guides, Ambassadors mentor new students, assist parents, students and staff at various VHS activities, and serve as tutors to their peers. Students will be notified of their acceptance as Ambassadors in early August 2019. To apply, please visit

Senior Presentations

Seniors will meet with counselors in September 2019 to cover important information for students who will graduate in May 2020. Follow the link below to view the information presented to seniors during the previous school year.

Senior Counseling Presentation Link

Request for Recommendation Form (pdf)

Junior Presentations

Juniors will meet with counselors in December 2019* to cover information relevant to every student during their junior year. Follow the link below to view the information presented to juniors during the previous school year. *Date subject to change

Junior Counseling Presentation link

New Family Cheat Sheet

Is your family new to Valley? Wonder who to call if your student will be absent? Not sure how to get access to Infinite Campus? We’ve put together the answers to many frequently asked questions in one easy spot. Just click on the link to view our 2018 2019 New Family Cheat Sheet. (This will be updated for the 2019-2020 school year in August 2019.) 

 What is an “RAI score“?

Students from Iowa high schools must have a Regents Admission Index, or RAI, score of at least 245, and take the minimum number of required high school courses to qualify for automatic admission to ISU, UNI, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the U of I. The index combines factors that strongly predict success at Iowa’s Regent universities. An Alternative RAI Formula is offered for students whose high school does not provide class rank, such as Valley. Follow this link to calculate your student’s RAI Score: Regent Admission Index Calculator for high schools who do NOT provide rank

Valley High School RAI Core Course List (pdf)