Frequently Asked Questions

Is DMACC credit available?
Yes. Both DMACC credit and high school credit are available.

How long is the course?
The course is one semester. Students may take the course twice depending on space.

What fields will students be participating in?
Through this experience, students will be challenged to take ownership of their learning. Students must learn, practice, and refine employability skills like working in dynamic teams, managing work pace, adapting and adjusting quickly, calendaring and scheduling, email/phone communications, etc. Students experiences will be matched to their interest areas to the extent opportunities are available.

What kind of projects could be offered?
Below are a few examples of what students may experience:

  • Create entertaining and community-building videos for social media.
  • Create an informational brochure including overarching English Language Learners profiles of student data.
  • Create a chamber of commerce app for smartphones.
  • Plan and execute a professional development conference; work with staff at the business to determine topics, speakers, etc.