Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act

The information on this page has been updated for the 2020-21 school year. Please see the 2019-20 Valley and Valley Southwoods course description catalogs if needed.

Students must be high school juniors and seniors, or sophomores identified as gifted and talented, to be eligible. Any student anticipating enrollment in a post-secondary course under this act must complete and submit an application form on or before March 15 with the intent to enroll in said course for the next school year. Summer school courses are not included in the program. The October 31 deadline is for the second semester only. 

Students may enroll in any participating institution of higher learning under the control of the State Board of Regents, an area school, or an accredited private institution as defined in Section 261.0 sub section 5 of the Iowa Code.

A maximum of two (2) credits may be earned from any institutions other than Valley to be used toward graduation. Students will be granted one (1) high school credit for every three (3) hours of college credit earned. Grades earned in courses taken from other institutions will be recorded on the transcript and included when computing GPAs. Failure or withdrawal from any post-secondary course will result in a failing grade being recorded on the transcript and computed in the GPA. The tuition then becomes the responsibility of the student.

The West Des Moines Community Schools will make payment to the post-secondary institution for tuition, textbooks, materials and fees upon successful completion of the course. Students will be required to purchase equipment that becomes the property of the students.

Parents or guardians will be required to furnish transportation to and from the eligible post-secondary institution.

Support services in the form of counseling will be available to students at Valley as well as the post-secondary institution. These services will include academic, social, and emotional counseling related to participation under this act. 

Students will be responsible for scheduling post-secondary courses in a manner that does not conflict with their schedule at Valley High School.

A student may not enroll in a post-secondary course when a comparable course is available at Valley High School. The administration reserves the right to determine acceptability of courses as provided under this act. Students must have prior approval before enrolling in such courses.