DMACC Associate of Arts Degree

The information on this page has been updated for the 2020-21 school year. Please see the 2019-20 Valley and Valley Southwoods course description catalogs if needed.

DMACC Associate of Arts Degree

As part of the dual enrollment program, Valley students wishing to earn a DMACC Associate of Arts Degree can use their Valley credits in meeting the DMACC requirements listed below.


Must complete 9 credits

Class Credits
ENG105Composition I 3 credits
ENG106Composition II 3 credits
SPC101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3 credits

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Must complete 9 credits

Class Credits
HIS150  U.S. History to 1877 4 credits
HIS153  U.S. History 1877 to present 4 credits
HIS112  Western Civ.: Ancient to Early Modern 4 credits
HIS113  Western Civ.: Early Modern to Present 4 credits
POL111 American National Govt. & Politics 3 credits

Math and Sciences

Must complete 9 credits

Class Credits
BIO112  General Biology I 4 credits
BIO113  General Biology II 4 credits
CHM165 General/Inorganic Chemistry I 4 credits
CHM175 General/Inorganic Chemistry II 4 credits
MAT211 Calculus I 5 credits
MAT129 Pre-Calculus 5 credits
MAT157 Statistics 4 credits


Must complete 9 credits

Class Credits
FLS241  Intermediate German 4 credits
FLS242  Intermediate German 4 credits
FLS241  Intermediate Spanish I 4 credits
FLS242  Intermediate Spanish II 4 credits
LIT101   Intro to Literature 3 credits
LIT185   Contemporary Literature 3 credits

Distributed Credit

Must complete 12 credits Select the remainder from any of the courses in the above categories Course Electives (must complete 16 credits)


Class Credits
APP211 Textiles 3 credits
APP260 Fashion Analysis and Design 3 credits


Class Credits
ART133 Drawing 3 credits
ART143 Painting 3 credits
ART173 Ceramics 3 credits
ART184 Principles of Photography 3 credits
ART186 Principles of Digital Photography 3 credits


Class Credits
FIN121  Personal Finance 3 credits
BCA213 Intermediate Computer Business Apps. 3 credits
BCA122 Basic Word Processing 1 credit
MKT140 Principles of Selling 3 credits
BUS148 Small Business Management 3 credits
ADM221 Career and Development Skills 2 credits
ADM 936   Occupational Experience 3 credits

Culinary Arts

Class Credits
HCM100 Sanitation and Safety 2 credits
HCM143 Food Preparation I 3 credits

Early Childhood Careers

Class Credits
ECE130 Emergency Care 1 credit
ECE170 Early Childhood Development 3 credits


Class Credits
ENG221 Creative Writing 3 credits

Home Building/Remodeling Technology

Class Credits
EGT400 PLTW Introduction to Engineering 3 credits
EGT410 PLTW Principles of Engineering 3 credits
EGT420 PLTW Digital Electronics 3 credits
EGT       PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture 3 credits

Teacher Academy

Class Credits
EDU213 Introduction to Education 3 credits
EDU218 Initial Field Experience 2 credits