Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement is an international program of college-level rigorous curriculum of courses and examinations. Valley High School currently offers 25 classes to prepare students for the examinations each May. Advanced Placement coursework and examination scores are used for college admissions and acceleration. College credit is granted if an acceptable score has been earned on an Advanced Placement examination given in May. Each exam has a cost that will be incurred by the student.

AP courses presently offered are:

  • Art:  AP Studio Art
  • Computer Science:  AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles
  • Language Arts:  AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition
  • Math:  AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics
  • Music:  AP Music Theory
  • Science:  AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science with AP Seminar (PBLN), AP Physics
  • Social Studies:  AP European History, AP Human Geography (VSW), AP Macroeconomics, AP Psychology, AP U.S. Government and Politics, AP U.S. History, and AP World History
  • World Languages:  AP Chinese Language and Culture, AP French, AP Latin, AP Spanish

Those students not writing the AP exam will have the course designated “Accelerated _____________________” on their transcript, and their grade will not be weighted. Both semesters of a year-long course plus writing the AP exam is required for a weighted grade.

Successful completion of an Advanced Placement course requires much more commitment to study time than a normal high school class. Therefore, before registering for these classes, it is highly recommended that the student assess his or her total course schedule as well as the amount of involvement in extracurricular activities. Students should consider including at least one study hall each day for additional assistance and an opportunity for make-up after an absence.