Off-Campus Coursework

All courses taken in another high school program or any other institution need prior written approval by a counselor and the principal (or his/her designee) if they are to be included on the Valley transcript and/or counted toward graduation. Forms may be obtained in the Counseling Center. See Board Policy 505.10.

Courses taken for graduation purposes from schools other than Valley may be granted approval only if a student cannot graduate by taking 10 credits and physical education his/her senior year.

A senior student in good academic standing may have a one-course reduction in Valley courses if he/she wishes to enroll in one or more college/university course(s).

  • The course must offer at least three semester hours of credit.
  • The course will be awarded one high school credit.
  • The credit will count toward high school graduation.
  • The grade earned in the course will be figured into the high school GPA.
  • The course scheduled must not interfere with the student’s Valley schedule.
  • The course must be in the curricular area only.
  • The student must take a minimum of four classes and physical education at Valley.
  •  The course cannot exist in Valley’s curriculum.