Pass/No Pass

Students will have the opportunity of choosing one Pass/No Pass per semester providing it is not a required course or offered for DMACC credit. No course that can meet a graduation requirement can be taken Pass/No Pass until that graduation requirement is completed. Credit may be earned on a Pass/No Pass basis. Students will be expected to obtain a parent’s signature for approval plus the signatures of their counselor and instructor to indicate their awareness of the student’s intentions.

The Pass/No Pass decision must be made prior to the end of the first nine weeks of any semester and prior to the end of the seventh day of class for all summer school courses. In addition to the strict Pass/No Pass option, students can elect to remain on a grade basis if the earned grade for the semester is:

  • A
  • B or better
  • C or better

Students electing to take a class Pass/No Pass need to be aware that the class will not count toward the 5.5 credits needed to meet the criteria for Academic Letter awards.

Pass/No Pass contract forms can be downloaded below or obtained in the Counseling Center.

Download Spring 2020 Form