Physical Education

Physical Education Information

Physical Education at Valley High School is a required course for grades 10-12. All sophomore students are required to take and pass two semesters of required curriculum. During the sophomore year, students are required to pass the CPR unit, which will be individually designated on the transcript. This is a graduation requirement. Those students who qualify for a PE waiver must demonstrate proof of CPR certification from the Red Cross or an affiliate by the last day of their sophomore year. Otherwise, they will be enrolled in second-semester sophomore physical education their junior year.

During the junior and senior years, students may select from multiple class offerings that include recreational activities, team sports, developmental classes, and lifetime sports. These classes are designed in semester-long “tracks” of three activities. Students will choose the “tracks” at the beginning of the year. Courses will be offered according to season, area, and instructor availability. Upper-level courses are one semester in length and graded accordingly. All failures must be made up.

The information on this page has been updated for the 2018-19 school year. Please see the 2017-18 course description catalog for this school year.

Course Numbers (PDF)

First Semester

Course Number  Description
PHY201 10th Grade Physical Education
PHY321 11th/12th Grade Physical Education
PHY317 Early Bird Physical Education (Juniors and Seniors only)
PHY315 Lifeguarding Blended Instruction (Juniors and Seniors only)
(Lifeguard certification) (need instructor approval)
PHY501 People PE (Please sign up for PHY321)

 Second Semester

Course Number  Description
PHY202 10th Grade Physical Education
PHY322 11th Grade/12th Grade Physical Education
PHY318 Early Bird Physical Education (Juniors and Seniors only)
PHY320 Triathlon Training (Juniors and Seniors only)
(Students will be trained in swimming, running and biking to get them prepared for their triathlon.)
PHY502 People P.E. (Please sign up for PHY322)

Blended CPR/AED
PHY203 or PHY204
(Elective 10-11-12) First OR Second Semester

The purpose of the CPR/AED Blended Learning course is to help participants recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac and breathing emergencies.

  • Skill Session 1 Before Giving Care and Checking an Injured or Ill Person
  • Skill Session 2 Cardiac Emergencies and CPR
  • Skill Session 3 AED
  • Skill Session 4 Breathing Emergencies
  • Skill Session 5 Conclusion

After completing the online session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how to recognize an emergency.
  • Describe how to prioritize care for injuries and sudden illnesses.
  • Describe the purpose of Good Samaritan laws.
  • Identify the difference between expressed consent and implied consent.
  • Identify how to reduce the risk of disease transmission when giving care.
  • Explain how to activate and work with the emergency medical services (EMS) system.
  • Explain when to move an injured or ill person from a dangerous scene.
  • Explain how to check a conscious person for life-threatening and non-life-threatening conditions.
  • Identify the signals of shock.
  • Describe how to minimize the effects of shock.

After completing the skill session, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to check an unconscious person for life-threatening conditions and provide CPR and use an AED.