Physical Education

The P.E. curriculum is designed to provide rigorous physical activities to maintain and enrich the quality of life. The curriculum also helps develop movement skills in activities through which students will acquire, appreciate, and maintain physical fitness essential to health and well-being throughout life. P.E. at Valley Southwoods is a required course. The curriculum consists of units including health and fitness concepts with basic fitness testing and assessment, volleyball, rhythm and aerobics, and weight training. Letter grades will be assigned and included in the grade point average.

P.E. class meets alternating days (0.5 credit per semester). You will be placed in a study hall or another class on days opposite P.E. All students need to earn (4) credits in physical education as a requirement for graduation. Please note the following:

  • Students will receive 0.5 of a credit for passing a semester of physical education.
  • Physical education grades are figured into the overall grade point average (G.P.A.).
  • For students who are absent, the make-up work is at the discretion of the physical education teacher. Teachers will allow make-up work within one week of the last absence. Students are encouraged to make-up work in advance of absences if possible.
  • Students are required to wear special clothing (athletic shorts, white or orange Valley Southwoods T-shirt, athletic shoes) during class, which will be communicated by the P.E. teacher. Students are responsible for keeping their clothing in clean and good condition. It is recommended that every article of clothing be plainly marked with the student’s first and last name.
  • Each student will be issued a lock and locker to use for the school year. Students will be charged a replacement fee for any lost locks.
  • Students should make sure all of their belongings are locked up when they leave the locker room. Valley Southwoods is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • The locker room areas will be cleaned out prior to the last day of school. Any items left after the last day of school will be donated to a charitable organization,

Medical Excuse Guidelines:

  • A student may have a medical excuse for one class period from his/her parent or guardian. Depending upon the reason for the excuse, the physical education instructors may design modified activity for the student.
  • Should it become necessary to excuse a student from the physical education activity for more than one class period, the student must have an extended medical excuse from a Physician stating diagnosis and activity limitations.
  • Extended medical notes are to be processed by the school nurse and assignments will be made in cooperation with the physical education instructor.
  • Even with a medical release, students report to class and work with the P.E. Teacher for class credit.

Physical Education teachers understand that each situation is unique and will be responsive to the health needs of individuals.