All Valley Southwoods students must register for four core area full-credit courses, P.E., and at least one elective course each semester.

2017-18 Course Catalog

2018-19 Course Catalog

Required Core Area Courses at Valley Southwoods

  • Physical Science*
  • Geographic Cultural Studies*
  • Language and Literature*
  • Mathematics (Algebra A, Algebra B, or Geometry C)

*Eligible students may take advanced courses in one or more core areas to meet the course requirements.

Read more about Advanced Options.

Required Physical Education Course Each Semester

P.E. class meets alternating days (0.5 credit per semester). You will be placed in a study hall or another class on days opposite P.E.

Required Elective Course Each Semester

You need to enroll in at least one elective course each semester. If you wish, you may take up to three electives each semester. You will be placed in a study hall for each period you are not in an elective class.

One-semester elective course options:

  • Art: Photographic Foundations
  • Art: Three-Dimensional Foundations
  • Art: Two-Dimensional Foundations
  • Family Consumer Science
  • Foundations of Business
  • Foundations of Tech. and Engineering
  • Marching Band/Color Guard (must have registered for band and/or orchestra and/or vocal music)
  • Speech Communications
  • Theatrics

Full-year elective course options:

  • Band
  • Chorus: Bass Clef
  • Chorus: Treble Clef
  • Debate I/Public Speaking
  • Introduction to Engineering and Design (Algebra or concurrently enrolled)
  • Orchestra
  • Peer Partner P.E. (screening process)
  • Peer Partner Art (screening process)
  • World Languages (Mandarin Chinese I, French I, German I, Latin I, Spanish I and II)

Full-year elective courses earned through audition (generally in the spring):

  • Jazz Studies & Performance (audition process only for skill level and concurrent enrollment in band)
  • Southwoods Singers (audition process and concurrent enrollment in Bass Clef Choir or Treble Clef Choir)

Jazz Studies and Southwoods Singers classes meet on alternating days (0.5 credit per semester). You will be placed in a study hall or P.E. on days opposite this class.

Special Programs/Electives

Special programs/electives are offered at Valley Southwoods to help meet individual needs of students. (You will need your teacher’s recommendations to be eligible for these classes.)

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • ESL Language Arts
  • Extended Learning Program (ELP)
  • Reading Resource
  • Learning Lab
  • Math Resource

Read more about Special Programs/Electives.