Special Programs/Elective

Special programs/electives are offered at Valley Southwoods to help meet individual needs of students. (You will need your teacher’s recommendations to be eligible for these classes.)

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Extended Learning Program (ELP)
  • Learning Lab
  • Peer Partner P.E.
  • Peer Partner Art
  • Reading Resource
  • Math Resource

Course and program descriptions are printed in the Curriculum Handbook. The deadline for making a request for a schedule change was the last day of the eighth grade school year. Changes after the original registration may be made only if space is available in the class. Written requests need to be sent to Mr. Stearns, associate principal. Students will be allowed to change their course requests during the first three (3) days of the semester. Adding a course after the first 3 days will not be allowed. Students will have the first 10 days of the semester to drop a course with no penalty. Dropping a course between days 11, 14, and 20 will result in the transcript showing a withdrawal. If a student chooses to drop a class after the first 20 days of the semester the student will receive a failing grade. Exceptions may be approved by the administrator.

A level change in a mathematics course may take place during the first week of school, mid-term of the first quarter, end of first quarter (fall parent-teacher conferences), or at the end of the first semester. No mathematics level changes will be allowed after the start of second semester. A parental request for a level change should be initiated through communication with the mathematics teacher.