Mission Statement

District Mission Statement

Working in partnership with each family and the community, it is the mission of the district to educate responsible, lifelong learners so that each student possesses the skills, knowledge, creativity, sense of self-worth and values necessary to thrive in and contribute to a diverse and changing world

Library Mission Statement

The mission of the West Des Moines Schools library program is to support students’ access and use of ideas and information, and to promote the appreciation and enjoyment of reading.

Library Vision

The vision of the Stilwell Junior High Library is to act as the nucleus for both learning and literacy pursuits of Stilwell Junior High students and staff.  It is a welcoming space that is well-suited for idea exploration, collaboration, and reading. An abundance of materials and resources that support the school’s mission are organized and readily available for convenient access. These resources are up-to-date and represent diverse perspectives and needs.

The atmosphere of the library invites inquiry, creativity, and discovery through its physical components, but also through the knowledgeable, supportive library staff and their instruction. At the same time, clearly established policies and expectations adhere to ethical uses of ideas and information, as well as mutual respect and cooperation between all students and staff.

Information Literacy Standards

Click here to view the information literacy learning standards for West Des Moines Schools students.