After the Bell

Stilwell After the Bell is an after school study program that runs until 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday in our cafeteria. While we run the program until 4 p.m., students are free to leave when they need to.  Mr. Bissinger and Mrs. Seiberling supervise this program geared toward helping all students do their best on all of their assignments. We expect students to adhere to our rules and expectations laid out in our contract. You can print a copy of it from this site, review it with your child, and have them bring it with them the first time they attend After the Bell. We also have plenty of contracts available in the cafeteria. Students will be allowed to attend once to pick up the contract.  They must then return it signed the next time they attend.

The school district runs a 4 p.m. bus for students who attend After the Bell. It is available only to kids who qualify for busing. Kids MUST have a 4 p.m. bus pass to ride. If they already have an afternoon bus pass, they can sign up for an After the Bell bus pass through our office.

We keep daily attendance.  You can check your child’s attendance at After the Bell through:

First you will need to contact Mr. Bissinger or Mrs. Seiberling to request your child’s “activation code”.  The attendance records will show your child was present by showing what time they signed out. If blank on a particular day, that means your child never signed in that day. At school, we have records of the specific time your child signed out, but the program we are using for web attendance does not allow us to publish that.
The program also only allows one account per email address, so if you have more than one child who attends After the Bell, you will need to use separate email accounts for each student.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

If you have any questions about the After the Bell program, please email or

After the Bell Contract