After the Bell

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. Activities and achievement go hand in hand. Become involved in your junior high programs today.

Why Sign Up?

  • Complete homework before going home.
  • Receive help with homework in a class where a student needs extra support.
  • Study in a quiet space.
  • Eat a snack.
  • It’s FREE!

When and Where?

Student Expectations

  • Use the time appropriately to work on and/or complete homework assignments.
  • Ask teachers questions when you need help.
  • Behave appropriately and respect other students who are working on assignments.
  • Students can listen to music through headphones/earbuds as long as it is not distracting to others.
  • If using the bus, obtain an After the Bell bus pass to get a ride home or to the WDM Teen Center (Indian Hills students only).

After the Bell Sign-Up