Jordan Creek Elementary School was dedicated on September 13, 1992 and was known as Phenix-Jordan Creek Elementary School for the first year. The school was very unique in that students who filled the classrooms came from almost every school in the district. Many of the students attended Westridge, whose boundaries included the Jordan Creek neighborhood until the new school opened. A large contingent of students and families from Phenix Elementary School attended the new school for the 1992-93 school year while their school (the oldest elementary school in the district) was closed for extensive remodeling. Thus, the name Phenix-Jordan Creek Elementary School recognized this combination of school neighborhoods.

Jordan Creek Elementary School was the first building of a planned two-school campus (Valley Southwoods) with adjacent municipal buildings (West Des Moines Public Library and City Hall) all serving a growing residential neighborhood. Red and brown brick, with geometric blue roof accents, developed a color palette that harmonized with the subsequent development of the city/school campus as it has become known.

The school pinwheels “families” of 24 similar grade classrooms around a focal point open media center. Special needs students are accommodated and blended into this 768 student building, creating the potential for maximum learning and service to the community.

Opening Day Profile

  • Architect: RDG Bussard Dikis Inc.
  • Contractor: Ringland Johnson Crowley
  • Student Capacity: 768
  • Building Size: 82,000 square feet
  • Site: 20 acres
  • Number of Classrooms: 36