Welcome to Jordan Creek Elementary School! Jordan Creek Elementary opened in 1992 and is one of the newest elementary buildings in the West Des Moines Community School District. We are proud to provide a positive climate and a family/community culture. We have a very active and involved Parent/Faculty Club (PFC).

Jordan Creek Elementary School Profile

  • Paul Wenger, Principal
  • Tamara Tjeerdsma, Assistant Principal
  • Current Enrollment: 770 students in PK-6 Grade
  • Approximately 23% of our students ride the bus with the remaining 77% walking or being transported privately
  • Jordan Creek has 100 teachers and support staff
  • Jordan Creek is the only building in the district that has four sections per grade level except Kindergarten
  • We incorporate a variety of specialized programming for students that includes:
  • Kindergarten specifically designed for special education students (self-contained, Level II).
  • Special education for all grades that offers one-on-one or small group instruction and also collaboration.
  • A building-wide support team for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Specialized reading instruction, called Reading Resource and Reading Recovery.
  • Extended learning opportunities for students who demonstrate outstanding aptitude or competence in one or more areas.

We use research-based teaching and learning practices to meet the needs of individual students and include hands-on and experiential approaches, discovery learning, and technology-assisted instruction to name a few. Students also participle in multi-age activities, Buddy Classes, Peer Helpers Program, service learning activities, Junior Achievement, Junior Great Books, Talking Canvas, and outdoor education. We have implemented technology across the curriculum at all grade levels. Jordan Creek is consistently at the forefront of academic growth and achievement as well as furthering the development of Emotional Intelligence and Character Education for our students.