Successful Student

The Successful Student at Indian Hills is:


The responsible student:

  • comes to class on time
  • brings materials to class
  • is prepared
  • attends school regularly
  • works to the best of their ability
  • completes the make-up work after an absence
  • is honest


The organized student:

  • plans ahead
  • keeps their planner up to date
  • keeps their locker neat
  • completes homework in advance


The respectful student:

  • follows school rules
  • dresses appropriately
  • uses appropriate language
  • takes turns
  • keeps their hands and feet to themselves
  • respects the property of others
  • respects all authority figures


The involved student:

  • participates in school activities
  • participates in class activities
  • takes pride in his or her school
  • is a team member