Parent Faculty Club

Parent Faculty Club

The Parent Faculty Club at Fairmeadows is equivalent to the PTA at other schools. It consists of parents and teachers willing to volunteer at our children’s school because we love them and we want the best for them. Studies show that when parents are involved at school, student performance and enjoyment of school increases. Since this is what we all want for our kids, we urge you to participate in PFC.

It’s also a great way to get to know the teachers and other parents at Fairmeadows. We are a family-oriented, neighborhood school, so come and join in on our sense of community.

PFC Goals

  • To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school and community.
  • To bring a closer relationship between the home and the school.
  • To develop between educators and the general public, such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantage in physical, mental, and social education.

Any parent or guardian of a Fairmeadows student or any member of the Fairmeadows staff that is interested in the goals of the Parent Faculty Club and willing to uphold its policies and subscribe to its organizing documents is considered a member.


PFC meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. in the Fairmeadows Media Center.

  • September 17
  • November 12
  • January 14
  • March 11
  • May 13

2018-19 Committee Chairs

  • 6th Grade: Event Refreshments Sarah Hanson
  • 6th Grade: I-Care Jill Croft
  • 6th Grade: Spring Farewell K Stegh, M Fess, A Pascale, J Croft
  • Backpack Buddies/Booster Pak Lori VanLo
  • Book Fair OPEN
  • Box tops Co-Chairs Alison Karr and Rebecca Kaduce
  • Carnival Co-Chairs OPEN
  • Challenge of the Books (COTB) Megan MurdochCheers and Tears Lori VanLo
  • Chess Club Hollie Allen
  • Community Rep-CEAC Tiffany Mendenhall
  • Community Reps-SCN Amy Johnson and Jill Croft
  • COTB Junior (3rd grade) contact Megan Murdoch
  • Crossing Guard Coordinator Jill Croft
  • Fairmeadows Directory Tauri Phillips
  • Fairmeadows Fusion Co-Chairs Hollie Allen and Mandy Lechtenberg
  • Family Gym Nights Sara Whitcomb
  • Fine Arts Kathleen Worth
  • Garage Sale (Summer 2019) to be determined
  • Gardens Kelie Stegh and Patti Manna
  • Grants Chair Shelli Manna
  • Ice Cream Social Karla Serio
  • Kindergarten Roundup/Storytime Kelie Stegh
  • Lego Club Co-Chairs Sonia Hansen-Smith and Ryan Smith
  • Marquee (School Sign) Amy R. Johnson
  • Movie Nights Hollie Allen
  • Pancake Breakfast or Dinner Mandy Lechtenberg
  • Playground Amy R. Johnson
  • Reading Challenge Maggie McGill
  • School Spirit Hollie Allen
  • Skate West Parties Jill Croft
  • Spelling Challenge Co-Chairs Nicole Craun and Sara Whitcomb
  • Staff Appreciation Stephenie Falcone
  • Summer Playground Dates (2019) OPEN
  • Talking Canvas Gillian Madigan
  • Volunteer Coordinator Jill Croft
  • WDMCS Student Scholarship Fund Amy Johnson
  • Yearbook Co-Chairs Kristen Thompson and Stefenie Wright