About Fairmeadows

Welcome to Fairmeadows Elementary School

Fairmeadows Elementary School provides educational programs for students from kindergarten through sixth grade. The organizational structure in kindergarten through fourth grade consists of self-contained classrooms. This means that the responsibility for the academic program rests with one or two teachers. Fifth and sixth grade teachers work together in a departmentalized program. Students may have up to three or four educators working together to provide the areas of our academic curriculum. Specialists provide instruction in art, foreign language, music and physical education.

The range of programs at Fairmeadows includes: full-day kindergarten classes, an English as a Second Language program, paid before and after school child care, Extended Learning program, Student Council, Special Needs educators who have small class sizes in order to meet individualized learning needs, computer-assisted instruction, a computer lab, Reading Recovery teachers, who provide intense literacy support for struggling first graders and Reading Resource teachers who provide excellent literacy instruction and information. Every student visits our school library and has the opportunity to check out books to be returned at least weekly. Fifth and sixth graders have the opportunity to audition for 23rd Street Singers at Fairmeadows. Band and orchestra lessons are available. Other services include: speech and language services, nursing, vision and hearing screening, dental screening, counseling, psychological and sociological services.

There are several clubs and activities for Fairmeadows students throughout the school year sponsored by Fairmeadows teachers. We will also have opportunities for you to volunteer your expertise and time for Fairmeadows. Information will be sent home during the year as these opportunities arise.

Fairmeadows has a business alliance with The City of West Des Moines and with Hy-Vee. A number of activities and opportunities are possible through this alliance and we appreciate the support of these businesses, as well as other West Des Moines businesses and organizations.

We thank you for the honor of being allowed to participate in your child’s education.