Crossroads Park, a K-6, three-section building which opened in 1977, is home to approximately 550 students. Crossroads is unique in that attendance boundaries serve students in both West Des Moines and Clive. Approximately 57% of Crossroads students live in West Des Moines, 40% in Clive and 3% reside in other school districts.

Crossroads Park was remodeled during the 2010-2011 school year and was ready for the 2011-2012 school year. The project removed all of the portable classrooms that once existed on the north side of the building. The current parking and drive arrangement remained the same. An additional 18,000 square feet was added on the north side of the building. The addition contains a music and vocal suite, cafeteria, kitchen, receiving, storage, ESL, art room, and kindergarten suite. The classroom pods now receive more daylight. The media center renovation included additional power, data projection surfaces and architectural features that encourage circulation paths and small group meeting spaces. The computer lab, reading rooms, special education and the administration spaces are all remodeled and relocated.

Crossroads Cougar Council student representatives (kindergarten through sixth grade) meet twice each month. The goal of Cougar Council is to provide strategies and activities that involve students in school-wide functions and in the decision-making process.

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved through one or more of the following PTA committees: Reading Club, the Banner (a literary publication by and for Crossroads Park students), Community Education, Outdoor Sign, Volunteer Coordinators, Book Fairs, Talking Canvas, Homeroom Parents, Fine Arts, Fitness, Scholarship/Dollar for Scholars, Kindergarten Roundup, Safety, Chess Club, Directory, Registration, Membership, Fundraising, Hospitality, I-Care, Sixth Grade Activities, and School Community Network.

Our business/education partnership with Farm Bureau is one of the most successful in the West Des Moines Community School District. The following sample of activities sponsored by our business/education partnership include:

  • Farm Bureau volunteers read books to our kindergarten and first grade students
  • Farm Bureau hosts a Halloween tour for our second graders
  • Third grade students have a traveling writing adventure with Farm Bureau employees
  • Fourth graders are pen pals with Farm Bureau employees
  • Farm Bureau gives our fifth graders a tour of the Farm Bureau building
  • Sixth graders team-up with Farm Bureau volunteers to deliver Thanksgiving food boxes to needy families living in West Des Moines and Clive
  • The Crossroads Park Chorus gives a concert to Farm Bureau employees
  • Crossroads Park art projects are displayed at Farm Bureau

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