On opening day in December 1961, Crestview Elementary students found themselves surrounded by unpaved streets on a crest of land with a beautiful view in every direction. It was due to our surroundings that Crestview got its name.

A dairy farm was adjacent to the playground and this prompted the recess rule: “Don’t go near the fence when the cows are out.”

Crestview Elementary, along with Clive Elementary, became part of the West Des Moines Community Schools as the result of a merger vote in July 1962. Crestview has had seven principals. Harlan Hayek was Crestview’s first principal followed by Jim Tussey, Beverley Roach, Jim Mayse, Martha Davis, Robert G.  Davis, Ed.D., Doug Stilwell, and Kevin Fangman. John Villotti is the present principal.

In 2015-16, Crestview Elementary became a Project-Based Learning Network school and changed its name to Crestview School of Inquiry. At New Tech schools, students learn through real-world projects, and all children are assigned a personal digital device.

Since the fall of 1991 when Crestview became a three-section building, the school has had full enrollment in virtually all grade levels.