About Clive

About Clive

Clive Learning Academy is where several communities come together as a school family.

We have a unique attendance area. Our school is not in the City of Clive, but in the City of Windsor Heights, and we are part of the West Des Moines Community Schools. We include students who live in Windsor Heights, Urbandale, and the Clive area around Indian Hills. It is the school community that unifies us.

With approximately 500 students, we serve students from preschool through sixth grade. We are part of a school district accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges and the Iowa Department of Education.

Formerly Clive Elementary, Clive Learning Academy became a Project-Based Learning Network (formerly New Tech) school in 2015-16. At Project-Based Learning Network schools, students learn through real-world projects, and all children are assigned a personal digital device.

Clive offers a variety of services to our students, including special education, English Learners, and extended learning programs. Our Tiger Cubs Preschool at Clive offers an opportunity for your child to develop readiness skills for kindergarten through age-appropriate activities and experiences. In addition, before- and after-school child care is offered at our school through the WDMCS Community Education’s KidsWest program.

Our staff of approximately 55 adults is dedicated to helping our students reach their highest potential. In fact, our school philosophy is:

“The staff of Clive Learning Academy believes that every student is capable of learning. Each child is entitled to a supportive climate, which promotes feelings of dignity and self-worth. Recognizing the uniqueness of children and the diversity of their needs, the staff accepts the responsibility for planning and implementing appropriate and productive learning experiences for all students.”

With an active parent-teacher organization and volunteer program, we partner with parents to help children succeed.

In 2005, we completed a $7.5 million dollar remodeling project at Clive Learning Academy. It has given us larger classrooms, air conditioning, better traffic flow, more parking, and a total upgrade of our building environment.

What makes the Clive environment special is that we care. It is what we do best!