Junior Highs Hold First Science Bowl

ScienceBowl 10

Students from Stilwell compete at the first junior high Science Bowl.

Nearly 30 eighth graders from Indian Hills and Stilwell junior highs competed in the first Indian Hills/Stilwell Science Bowl on February 25, 2017.

The winning teams were:

  • First Place – Team Apple Bottom Genes, with team members Dorothy Junginger, Joseph Maxwell, and Lucy Weis.
  • Second Place – Team Contagious Intelligence, with team members Joshua Nichols, Chain Moore, Emerson Porter, and David Mager.
  • Third Place – Team The Atoms Family, with team members Clara Mintzer, Sam Burns, Abby Feldman.

Indian Hills/Stilwell Science Bowl Competition Photos

There were four teams from each school competing in the double-elimination competition.

Teams of students studied multiple science disciplines, including chemistry, physics, earth science, genetics, astronomy, human biology, botany, zoology, and taxonomy. Teams were coached by Indian Hills science teacher Shelly Urban and Stilwell science teachers Bryan Bacehowski and Ruth Henderson.

Many teachers and administrators volunteered their time as judges, timers, scorekeepers, and general supervision.