Junior High Film Festival Showcases Creativity, Collaboration

It is awards season in show business, and now in the West Des Moines Community Schools district as well. Indian Hills and Stilwell junior high schools held their joint film festival last Thursday, Jan. 7.

The festival highlighted the students’ creativity and collaboration, and gave their parents a chance to view the finished films. To make the festival seem as professional as possible, junior high drama teachers Nicole Crawford and Allison Koontz set up a red carpet and gold Academy Award statue cutouts, and invited everyone to dress in formal wear.

The films covered a wide range of topics and genres, from supernatural comedies to dramas about bullying. The festival was judged by local experts, including Iowa High School Speech Association Film category judges and the owner of a local modeling and talent agency. The People’s Choice awards were voted on by students and staff at the school. They had heard about the films thanks to marketing campaigns organized by each production.

Best Drama: “Purpose”

Best Comedy: “99 Problems — This Demon is Every One”

Best Actor: “Suraj Moorjani, “99 Problems — This Demon is Every One”

Best Actress: Sarah Dorn, “Purpose”

Best Supporting Actor: Nate Loecher, “Damaged Goods”

Best Supporting Actress: Summer DeCamp, “99 Problems — This Demon is Every One”

Best Directing: Dayna Dunnwald, “TTYL”

Best Screenplay: “Damaged Goods”

Best Cinematography: “TTYL”

Best Editing: “Purpose”

Best Musical Score: “99 Problems — This Demon is Every One”

Best Costumes: “Stolen”

Best Use of a Prop: “Detention”

Best Ensemble: “Not It”

Best Publicity: “Purpose”

Best Make-It-Work Moment: “Student Stereotypes”

Indian Hills People’s Choice: “99 Problems — This Demon is Every One”

Stilwell People’s Choice: “Purpose”