Iowa Air National Guard Colonel Teaches Crestview Third-Graders About Flight

Retired Iowa Air National Guard Colonel Mark Hammond recently addressed Crestview School of Inquiry’s third-graders following their unit on flight. Hammond has been flying since he was 21 and earned his pilot wings at Iowa State University. He has accumulated over 4500 hours in military and civilian aircraft, flown in six operations in the Middle East, and commanded the 132nd Fighter Wing at Des Moines International Airport.

Hammond is originally from Slater, Iowa, and grew-up watching airplanes fly over his home. He was always fascinated by the aircraft and the adventure they represented.  One of the earliest pictures of Mark shows him sitting in his diaper with a plastic fighter plane toy in his hand. Hammond now works as a mission simulator instructor at the Iowa Air National Guard as a civilian. He helped the Crestview students connect his real-life experiences and first-hand knowledge of flight and aircraft with their flight unit.