Clive Learners Help Fund Celebration with Vendor Fair

Sixth-grade learners at Clive Learning Academy are hosting a vendor fair that will raise funds for a celebration on the last day of school. Students are working as entrepreneurs to create goods and services to sell at the fair on Thursday, April 6.

Each business group could apply for loans of up to $50. The students completed business plans and presented them to local business owners in the Des Moines metro area. The business partners gave each business feedback on their product idea, finances, and advertising plans.

Geoff Wood, founder of Des Moines workplace community Gravitate, was one of the business partners who visited Clive. He included his experience in Gravitate’s March 8 newsletter, writing:

It was enjoyable and I learned a lot about what is on the mind of today’s 6th graders. For instance there is a thing called “slime”—which is apparently very popular—and any product involving candy is perceived to have a good chance at success, as one student told me, “all kids like candy”. Good point (I told her that most adults do, too).

The sixth-grade business groups will begin production and advertising after spring break. All profits from the fair will go towards the students’ last day of school celebration.

You’re Invited to the Vendor Fair!

Join us at the sixth-grade vendor fair from 2:30-3:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 6, in the Clive Learning Academy Gym, 1600 73rd St., Windsor Heights.