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Second Semester Plans

Family Choice for Second Semester


  • Families must choose for their student to learn at school or online for the rest of the 2020-21 school year.
  • Families will be sent a survey Monday, Nov. 2, to complete for EACH student.
  • Families must decide by Friday, Nov. 13.


  • Access the survey.
  • You will need to enter a choice for EACH student.
  • You need to enter the student’s ID (it is on secondary student’s ID badges).
  • Student IDs can also be found by logging into Infinite Campus and clicking the “Today” button in the left column.
  • Once you enter the ID, be sure your student’s name shows up to confirm you typed in the ID number correctly.
  • Select the “On-site/In-Person” or “Online” button for second semester. You cannot change your option later unless extenuating circumstances arise
  • Click “Next.” Review your choice.
  • Click “Next” again to submit.

What’s the Same for Second Semester?

  • Both plans have students attending class Monday through Friday, either at school or at home.
  • WDMCS will continue to monitor Polk County positivity percentages and follow a matrix to help guide decision-making. The updated matrix is outlined later in this newsletter.

When Will I know What This Means for My Student?

Families will receive information prior to winter break regarding any changes to their student’s class or school based on number of families who choose a different learning environment for next semester.

What’s Different for Second Semester?

  • Cannot Change Environments After Deadline
    Once families decide, we are not providing an additional date after Nov. 13 for families to switch learning environments. This is because of the need to appropriately maintain consistency with staff and student classes.
  • Face Masks Required for Students and Staff
    Face masks (not gaiters or face shields) will be required for all students and staff, effective Jan. 19. Guidance from state and federal health officials prefer masks for the best protection against COVID-19. Health exemptions will be addressed on a case by case basis.Mask requirements take effect second semester, which starts Tuesday, Jan. 19.
  • Change of Matrix
    We will not be offering an option to transition to online if the Polk County positivity rate drops below six percent then bumps above six percent. This is a change to this semester’s matrix.

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Second Semester Matrix for Transitioning Online

0-9% Positivity in Polk County

  • Students learn at school or online based on what families chose.
  • Daily wellness checks by staff and students who learn on-site.
  • Face masks required. Social distancing followed when possible.
  • Practice frequent hand washing and other safety measures.
  • Continued consultation with local health officials.

10+% Positivity in Polk County

WDMCS considers whether or not to temporarily move a classroom, school, or the entire district online.

Things to consider

  • Positivity percentage in classroom, school, or district.
  • Types and number of student absences.
  • Availability of staff within a classroom, building, or school.

WDMCS will call a Board meeting to provide a recommendation to the Board for review.