Technology FAQs

Technology FAQs

Q: What happens if my student is experiencing technical issues out of their control (i.e. internet outage, device malfunctions, etc.)?

A: Students who have issues with their Chromebook can submit a support request.

Report an issue with your student’s Chromebook >

Q: Will students be able to share materials?

A: For technology, students will each have their own Chromebooks, so no sharing of Chromebooks will happen. While our goal is to have all resources available within Canvas for online learners, we know there may be necessary hard-copy materials. We are continuing to discuss and make plans for providing needed resources to students without sharing.

Q: Are there any new strategies or technologies (better than Securly) to help kids stay on task when using their Chromebooks given the likely increased amount of independent learning time?

A: The best strategy for keeping kids on task is certainly supervision by an adult. As for Securly, it is just like other web filtering system, as they only report student internet usage after students have visited a website. Teachers also have GoGuardian available, which allows them to see the live student screen. However, this is only available during direct sessions and staff are not able to view all student screens at one time.

Q: Will the district reimburse internet costs for students learning online?
The district does not reimburse for internet costs.  Families who need affordable  internet should review the Mediacom Connect2Compete program at, where you may qualify for $9.95/mo access.  Families who indicate through the annual online enrollment process that they do not have access to the internet will be contacted by the WDMCS technology department to assist with other options. Families who wish to donate to support technology access for families can learn more by visiting the WDMCS Foundation website.