Diverse Student Needs FAQs

Diverse Student Needs FAQs

Q: What support is planned to meet diverse/exceptional students’ needs?
In the Hybrid Option 2 plan WDMCS chose to begin the 2020-21 school year, students and families will choose to learn on-site or online for the first semester. Diverse/exceptional students and families – including students with IEPs/504s, English Learners, Gifted/Talented Program students, and students at-risk – will have the opportunity to make this choice as well.

Diverse/exceptional students who choose to learn on-site will receive on-site support similar to previous years. For students who choose to learn online, appropriate steps will be taken to support virtual learning.  As always, appropriate interventions, extensions, and supports are determined individually for diverse/exceptional learners.

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Q: Would WDMCS consider sending a one-on-one aide to individual homes for extra face-to-face help, even for an hour or two a week?
A: It will be important for IEP teams to discuss several questions in determining the best ways to meet student needs in a remote learning environment. This includes the support of 1:1 assistants. Health and safety will also be considerations.

Q: Will the signage be shared in advance and will kids who have special needs have a chance to tour the school to experience the changes before school starts?
A: Time may be set with building administration and your special education teacher to discuss touring your student’s school and begin getting comfortable with any new changes that may be in place.

Q: My two elementary students have always done ELP work so will they weekly online times set aside to meet with the ELP teacher?
A: Students will receive Gifted/Talented (formerly ELP) support if identified, whether on-site or online. With the online virtual schedule, there is time built in for small group instruction to support individual students needs (i.e. IEP, Reading Resource, ESOL, G/T, etc.). Schedules will be determined as the school year approaches and class rosters, staffing changes, etc. take place to support both delivery models.