Child Care, Nutrition, Transportation FAQs

Child Care, Nutrition, Transportation FAQs


Q: What does everything look like for Kids West/child care?
A: WDMCS identified early on that child care would be a concern. We’ve found that it would not be safe to have kids in the building in a closure. We would have our typical before- and after-school care, but not during the day, as all spaces are needed for social distance during learning.

Q: How will social distancing be done with Kids West before and after school?
A: Kids West staff and participants will be required to wear face coverings. We will practice frequent hand washing between activities. Shared toys will be cleaned daily. High touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently. Social distancing will be practiced as much as possible.

Q: Will there be funding to support families with child care costs needed to have their kids at home doing virtual learning?
A: We do not have funding to support families with child care costs.


Q: What are you doing for breakfast and lunch?
In the Hybrid Option 2 learning environment, online learners can pick up meals through drive-thru service at the secondary schools. For on-site learners:

  • No self-serve stations.
  • Elementary: Breakfast and lunch will be delivered to the classroom. Breakfast will delivered to the classroom 10 minutes prior to the bell. 
  • Junior High: Students will walk through grab-and-go meal stations, then eat meals in classrooms. Breakfast will be available before first period. Students will order their option for lunch in first period; lunch will be held during Tiger Time.
  • High School: Additional locations in buildings are being identified as suitable areas to eat meals while social distancing. More information will be available at a later date.

In an unanticipated closure, meals will be available at curbside pickup locations.


Q: What will transportation services look like for students?
A: The number of students on a bus will be based on each route. Numbers will not be limited due to the following guidelines for bus riders. All passengers are required to:

  • Wear a facial covering while getting on the bus, riding, and exiting the bus.
  • Students not wearing face coverings will be handled in accordance with our transportation discipline policy, which could result in suspension of riding privileges. 
  • Siblings or those living in the same home will be asked to sit together. 
  • When appropriate, students will enter the bus and begin seating near the back of the bus, filling the seats toward the front. 
  • When possible, students will exit the bus beginning with those seated closest to the front. 
  • Students will avoid congregating in the bus aisle.
  •  No food or drink will be consumed while on the bus. 

WDMCS school bus drivers will: 

  • Sanitize “high-touch” surfaces between each run throughout the school day. 
  • All surfaces will be sanitized at least once per day. 
  • All buses will be deeply sanitized monthly.

Q: How will bus drivers socially distance?
A. Bus drivers will wear face coverings when loading and unloading the bus, and when the bus in not in motion. Students are required to wear face coverings on the bus which decreases the social distance requirement when face coverings are not in use.