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School Counselors

School counselors play a vital role in your student's education and school experience. From early elementary social/emotional skill-building to helping high school students prepare for life after graduation, counselors provide guidance and direction.

Elementary Counselors (Grades PK-6)

Elementary school counselors are trained educators with expertise in child development, learning strategies, self-management, and social skills. They are dedicated to ensuring success for today's diverse students.

WDMC elementary counselors oversee a counseling program designed to includes educational, preventive, and intervention activities. It focuses on teaching students the essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for academic, career, and social/emotional development, forming a solid foundation for future success.

Our counselors work closely with teachers and parents/guardians to identify and address children's academic and social/emotional needs early on. This collaboration is crucial for eliminating obstacles to learning and fostering the development of essential skills and behaviors necessary for academic success.

(Source: American School Counselor Association)

Secondary Counselors (Grades 7-12)

Junior High Counselors
As students transition from childhood to adolescence in junior high, they have a strong desire to explore different interests and link what they learn in class to real-life situations. 

Junior high counselors balance their work between addressing students' academic and career exploration needs with continued social/emotional development.

Naviance is a tool introduced in junior high to help students begin to explore career interests, whether that's continuing their education after graduation, military enlistment, or finding a fulltime job in the workforce. Eighth-graders also work with counselors to develop a four-year plan for the courses they want to take in high school.

(Source: American School Counselors Association)

High School Counselors (Grades 9-12)
High school students require guidance in making decisions, dealing with academic and social pressures, and navigating challenges like high-stakes testing, college admissions, scholarship applications, financial aid, and entering a competitive job market.

Each high school student is assigned a counselor based on their last name. Students meet with their counselors prior to registering for classes to ensure they are on track for graduation. 

(Source: American School Counselor Association)