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Assessments/Grading Practices

West Des Moines Community Schools conducts different assessments to give students, parents, and staff details about performance.

This information helps in:

  1. Figuring out when and how to teach different things to students.
  2. Keeping an eye on how students improve over time.
  3. Checking if students meet the standards set by the district and state.
  4. Using data to make the curriculum and teaching better.
  5. Helping set goals for the staff.
  6. Contributing to the creation of goals for the whole district and individual schools.
  7. Studying trends at the state and national levels - how does WDMCS compare?
  8. Providing high school students with information to make decisions about college or jobs after school.

Effective Grading Practices

We are committed to and are making strides toward improving our grading practices to ensure all students’ grades are a true picture of what they know and are able to do in each course.


Essential Life Skills

These life skills are really important for students to do well. They help students become better learners. But, it's important to know that a student's grade is not decided by how well they show these life skills.