Junior High ISASP Schedules 2021 Overview

  • Students in grades 7-8 who have chosen to learn online this semester will take the annual Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) Friday, April 2, and Friday, April 23, at their home junior high school with additional safety strategies in place. Students who currently learn in-person will NOT BE IN THE BUILDING these two days because these are professional development days with no school. We selected these days to provide the greatest opportunity for social distancing and other safety measures for your student.

    Students in grades 7-8 who are learning in person this semester will take the ISAP during regular school hours April 19-22.

  • ISASP Information for All Learners

    • To have the best testing experience, it is important to get a good night’s sleep and eat a balanced breakfast in the morning.
    • Grade 7 students take Reading, Math, Language, and Writing tests over two days.
    • Grade 8 students take Reading, Math, Language, Writing, and Science tests over two days.
    • Students must bring their fully charged Chromebook and headphones on testing dates. 
    • Students should also bring a non-electronic independent activity like a free reading book in case they complete an assessment before time is up.


    Additional Information for Online Learners

    • Online learners have a different ISASP schedule than on-site students. 
    • Online learners will test in a location in the school building designated for their ISASP testing. The location will be cleaned according to our mitigation strategies and students will follow all social distancing and health guidelines.
    • Online learners will eat at school on testing dates. They will be socially distanced during testing and eat in the same spot.
      • On April 23, seventh-grade students can take a grab-and-go lunch and leave at 11:30 a.m. Eighth grade students will eat at school and be done for the day at 2 p.m.
    • Online learners who need transportation to their school on testing dates will ride their neighborhood bus. 
      • Please contact the Transportation Department at 515-633-4902 by March 26, 2021, to request transportation during ISASP testing.