Academic Supports at WCC

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program

    Two semesters of ESOL may be counted as fulfilling two of the eight high school language arts requirements, one literature course and one elective. Eight semesters of ESOL may be counted as elective credits used to fulfill graduation requirements. With the exception of the special provisions stated above, ESOL students must meet all graduation requirements of Valley High School in order to receive a diploma.

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    Family Centered Services

    Walnut Creek Campus collaborates with PACE to provide a family centered service component. The family centered service component at Walnut Creek Campus is staffed with three full time caseworkers. Two of the full time PACE caseworkers are assigned year round to Walnut Creek Campus. The goal of the program is to provide support to students and families that will enhance the opportunity for success of each student at Walnut Creek Campus. One case worker addresses attendance/truancy issues and helps students engage in the educational process during the school year. Families wishing more extensive assistance are able to receive additional assistance through the PACE program, outside the school setting.


    Gifted/Talented (GT) Program

    Students identified to receive direct Gifted/Talented services may enroll in GT Seminar. (Specific details are provided under information for Unique Programs & Courses.)

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    The school district each year compiles a list of individuals qualified to tutor high school students in the various academic areas. This list is available in the Walnut Creek office.

    Special Education Program

    Special education services are determined for individual students by a staffing team consisting of the parents, school staff, and Heartland AEA representatives. The district provides a broad continuum of services to assist students with disabilities.

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Last Modified on March 15, 2021